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Studio Journal

All that Glitters handmade jewellery

09 Apr, 2021

All That Glitters

Want to see a bit of the skill and work that goes into crafting handmade jewellery? Yay, tune in to BBC Two at 8pm on Tuesday 13 April 2021 for ‘All That Glitters’, and you can!

Filmed down the road from my studio in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, and featuring fellow Sisterhood of British Jewellers member, Tamara Gomez, it’ll be a nail-biting experience!

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Carats are good for you

11 Sep, 2018

Carats are good for you

Time to get technical - is it carat, karat? Both words are pronounced in the same way, and have a common linguistic root, but have very different meanings. Confusing the two when making or buying jewellery can be an embarrassing (not to mention expensive) mistake.

It’s now internationally recognised that a carat weighs 200mg. A carat is a unit of weight, so a one-carat stone that consists of a heavier (more dense) gemstone will be smaller than one carat of a lighter gemstone, so a one carat sapphire will be smaller than a one carat diamond (diamonds are lighter).

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