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It's bargains time at Super Seconds Festival 2023!

It's bargains time at Super Seconds Festival 2023!


Early Christmas shopping, anyone?  Or perhaps time for a little self-gift of timeless recycled silver jewellery? 

If so, your timing is epic, because there comes a time in every jeweller's life when the realisation hits that there may have been a teeny tiny bit of hoarding.  Leading to Way Too Much Stock (TM). 

When this realisation collides with a cost of living crisis, there's only one thing to do - spread a bit of love with some fabulous jewellery bargains - whoop-whoop!

When said jeweller also has numb hands due to progressive multiple sclerosis (so not fun *sad face*), retiring some of the more fiddly designs at the same time is also sensible.

So for just one weekend, 7th-8th October 2023, from 10am on the Saturday to 6pm on the Sunday, you can shop perfect stock and very slight seconds at up to 50% off normal prices.  Yep, there are some truly amazing bargains to be had!

Preview Mojo & the Maker's offers here:  https://mojoandthemaker.com/collections/super-seconds-festival-2023-offers

Check out the other makers taking part here:  https://www.supersecondsfestival.co.uk/

Happy shopping!