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All that Glitters handmade jewellery
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All That Glitters

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 Want to see a bit of the skill and work that goes into crafting handmade jewellery? Yay, tune in to BBC Two at 8pm on Tuesday 13 April 2021 for ‘All That Glitters’, and you can!

Filmed down the road from my studio in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, the show’s presented by comedian Kathryn Ryan, and is judged by designers Solange Azagury-Partridge and Shaun Leane. Like Bake-Off, but for jewellers, you’ll be able to watch eight hopefuls create bespoke pieces for specific clients, as well as jewellery ready to be sold to the masses.

She’s not said a single word about it (so tight-lipped that she could be a secret service agent), but Tamara Gomez, a fellow member of The Sisterhood of British Jewellers, was spotted in the trailer as a contestant, so I’ll be glued to my screen, rooting for her. Go, Tamara, go!

(Photo: BBC/Twenty Twenty Productions/Justin Downing)