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Why I make what I do

Why I make what I do


So this is me, the face behind Mojo & the Maker.  WIth the help of some awesome artisans in Birmingham's jewellery quarter, and a lovely colleague in Essex, I design and make the jewellery you see here.

It's a labour of love, as well as being a total honour to make treasures for you, because nearly 30 years ago, I received the devastating news that I have a rare progressive form of Multiple Sclerosis, made even more complex because I also have a second incurable disabling condition (CIDP), and a pituitary tumour (which causes hormone havoc, and really upsetting fatness due to lipedema, plus osteoporosis).  So, on paper, at least, I'm a total wreck.

All sorts of things you might take for granted are hugely challenging for me - I can't work zips or buttons, I drop things all the time, and I fall over a lot (breaking bones, usually - most recently my shoulder, arm and wrist).  I can't stand up or walk around even indoors much, and I get tired really easily.

But making jewellery for you lovely lot truly keeps me going, and gives me my Mojo back (hence the name Mojo & the Maker, obv).  Thank you a million times over.

All the above is hugely relevant to the work that you see here. 

Look closely and you'll spot that Mojo & the Maker jewellery is all about gentle, mellow, matte and distressed surfaces.  Perfectly polished shiny jewellery (like you see in that popular High Street shop starting with a P) leaves me totally cold.  In all my work, and with the art that I do (I paint when I have the time, often with my fingers - messy), I'm always struggling to convince you that even damaged things - like my own body - can carry and express a gentle beauty and have value.

You'll also notice a yearning for nature and plant life in my work.  Heartbreakingly, I haven't been able to go out into the countryside for a walk for over a decade, and I can't even beachcomb any more (heck, I can't get to the end of my driveway with the rubbish bins).  But by designing and making my Eden range of jewellery - like Seedhead Square earrings and Cow Parsley necklaces - I feel absorbed into nature, which is hugely soothing and healing.

I might sound like an old hippy ('fraid so), but I try to imbue the jewellery I make with lots of love and good intent for you, the wearer.  I love to think of it going out into the world to become part of you, acting as a talisman to keep you safe on your adventures through life. 

Wear my work, and gift it if you can, spread the word if you can't buy, champion those who need your support, and be well and happy. x