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Help & FAQs

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Can you recycle my own silver?

Refining silver properly is time consuming and expensive. Sadly, the cost of us melting down a batch of your own silver to use to make your jewellery isn't worthwhile.  If you have silver you don't want any more, a reputable bullion dealer will buy it as scrap from you - you can then use the funds to buy your jewellery from us.  In the UK, the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham or the Hatton Garden area in London are both home to several bullion dealers. Always visit a few to compare prices, before you decide which to use.

Can I commission a different piece of jewellery from you?

We’re happy to make minor changes to our jewellery on request. Examples of changes we can often do include changing a standard length chain for a bespoke chain length, changing the style of a necklace clasp, or swapping over earring fittings. Where you request a change to a standard piece, an extra charge will apply, despatch times are likely to be lengthened, and the item becomes bespoke, as it can't then be re-sold as part of our normal range. For this reason, where changes are made at your request to any item sold, the item then becomes non-refundable. Your consumer rights are unaffected.

Unfortunately, we’re very rarely able to accept commissions that involve completely new designs, or major variations to our designs.  We're just too busy - sorry.

Do you offer gift-wrapping?

If you'd like to, you can make your gift even more special by ordering our gift-wrap service. Gift-wrap is charged per item, so be sure to add the correct number of gift-wraps for the items in your order. If you’d like some items gift-wrapped, and others sent without gift-wrap, please let us know at the time of ordering which items in your order you’d like gift-wrapped (otherwise we will giftwrap the most expensive piece or the most expensive piece starting with the earliest letter of the alphabet as standard).

Why has my silver jewellery discoloured / made my skin discolour?

All the silver we use at Mojo & the Maker to make our jewellery is solid sterling silver, of at least the recognised 925 purity, whether recycled silver or not. Some of our pieces are made with silver that's even more pure than that.

Solid sterling silver naturally develops darkened areas in recesses, and tarnishes when exposed to pollutants in the air, to humidity, oils in skin (especially more acidic skin) and sulphur from some clothing. 

Some people naturally have more acidic skin that can develop dark areas on contact with sterling silver (if you drink fizzy drinks or coffee, smoke, are dehydrated, take certain medications, or skip your five fruit and veg a day, your skin’s pH can alter, making it more likely to discolour from silver contact). 

Contact with cleaning chemicals, sun creams, chlorine and other chemical substances can also turn solid silver black or discolour it.

Can you refresh my gold plated / vermeil items?

All our vermeil jewellery is solid sterling silver thickly-plated with real gold, making the finish much desirable and long-lasting than with inferior flash-plating over base metal (such as brass). When well cared-for, a properly-applied vermeil coating of gold can last many years. See our jewellery care guide.

Eventually, over time, frequent wearing, slight knocks or grazes, or over-zealous cleaning may cause the finish of your vermeil gold plated jewellery to need a little TLC. Our renewal cleaning, plating and polishing service gives your precious Mojo items the TLC they deserve, at reasonable cost. Get in touch before returning your jewellery, and we’ll be happy to advise the current cost for sprucing up your pieces, including return shipping (shipping to us is at your cost, and should be by appropriate inured and tracked return shipping method, eg Royal Mail Special Delivery in the UK).  Unfortunately, we can't renew gold plating on non-Mojo & the Maker jewellery.

Can you renew the oxidised silver finish on my jewellery?

If oxidised (darkened or black) silver jewellery is cleaned or as it rubs against the body or clothing during wear, high points may naturally start to reveal the silver underneath. This is perfectly normal, and considered part of the beauty of oxidised silver jewellery. However, if you prefer to retain the darker oxidised finish, we can renew this finish at modest cost, on request. Please contact us for details of this service.

Anything else we can help you with?

If so, please do get in touch.