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Jewellery Care

Seedhead necklace being made by hand in the Mojo and the Maker studio

Jewellery care advice & information

All jewellery benefits from being handled and worn with care, and from being kept clean.  Our demi-fine jewellery should always be treated gently.  Follow these tips:

  • to avoid catching it on clothing, put jewellery on last when getting dressed, and take it off first when getting undressed;
  • jewellery should be protected from hard surfaces that may damage, dent or scratch it, or chip gemstones;
  • chains and ear-wires can be delicate - please take care not to catch them and never let children tug at them;
  • if using butterfly backs with our hook earrings, be very gentle and take care not to force the butterfly scroll onto the wire - think of what happens to a paperclip if you bend it backwards and forwards;
  • check earring butterflies are tight and that all closures are securely fastened to avoid losing your jewellery;
  • never wear your jewellery whilst in bed, showering, swimming, gardening, at the gym or when taking part in sports;
  • hairsprays and perfumes should be sprayed on skin or hair, and allowed to dry before putting on jewellery.  
  • don’t let cleaning chemicals, chlorine, sun cream or other chemical substances come into contact with your jewellery, as these may damage it.

Storing jewellery 

Proper storage is key to minimising damage through scratches and tarnishing. Store jewellery away from direct sunlight, and protected so that items do not rub against and scratch each other.  Ideally, wrap each item in acid-free tissue paper for extra protection, and place inside an airtight bag to keep out harmful pollutants from the air, as well as humidity. 

Don’t store jewellery on any presentation card or in any wrappings it came in, as acids in card or paper may harm jewellery over time - but the white acid-free tissue paper we use in your shipping box is ideal to wrap jewellery in, for storage. When in transit, protect jewellery in a box or pouch.  

Generally, treat your jewellery as the precious treasure it is.


All the silver we use is solid silver, of at least 925 purity, the purity of sterling silver (92.5% pure silver, with 7.5% of other alloys, often copper).  Wherever we can, we use recycled silver or ecosilver, to reduce the need for mining of the planet’s resources.  None of our jewellery contains nickel.

Solid sterling silver naturally develops darkened areas in recesses, and tarnishes when exposed to pollutants in the air, to humidity, oils in skin (especially more acidic skin) and sulphur from some clothing.  Some people naturally have more acidic skin that can develop dark areas on contact with sterling silver (if you drink fizzy drinks or coffee, smoke, take certain medications or skip your five fruit and veg a day, your skin’s pH may make it more likely to discolour from silver contact).  Contact with cleaning chemicals, sun creams, chlorine and other chemical substances can also turn solid silver black or discolour it.

Unless it contains items that can’t be submerged in water, occasionally wash your silver jewellery in warm water with a phosphate-free detergent or mild shampoo, carefully rinse it, and thoroughly dry it with a soft cotton cloth.  If silver jewellery does become slightly tarnished (brown-looking), rub gently with a silver cloth (see below for instructions where jewellery contains gemstones or pearls).  Be aware that cleaning with a silver cloth may remove antiqued or oxidised (dark) finishes that may have been applied.  You may want to have your silver jewellery professionally cleaned every year or two:  we offer an aftercare service on all our jewellery.  Please contact us to enquire about this service.

Jewellery with gemstones or pearls

Take extra special care with  jewellery containing these materials.  Generally, it's best to clean this jewellery with a soft child's toothbrush or sponge, warm (not hot) water, and mild shampoo or washing-up liquid. Pearls love to be worn, as moisture from the skin enhances the lustre. Pearls should cleaned using a clean duster or a pearl-cleaning set available from specialist stores.  Chain-linked or wire-wrapped pearls can be immersed in warm water and sponged, but strung pearls should not be immersed at all.  Always dry pearls thoroughly.

22 karat gold vermeil & 18 karat rose gold vermeil jewellery

Dust your gold vermeil jewellery with a soft cloth or wash in warm soapy water, rinse and pat dry.  Be extra careful with not to scuff it (keep separate from other jewellery and any surfaces which may scratch it).  Store protected in a jewellery box. 

Our 22k gold vermeil jewellery is made from solid sterling silver, enhanced with a beautiful layer of real 22k gold.  Our 18k rose gold vermeil jewellery is also made from solid sterling silver, enhanced with a thick layer of beautiful 18k rose gold. The generous thickness of gold we use means we can legally call our jewellery ‘vermeil’ (not to be confused with much inferior and cheaper ‘gold-plated’ or ‘flash-plated’ jewellery, usually plated over a cheap metal like brass - which can cause skin reactions - not good). 

Even so, any plated finish can't be as permanent as solid gold.  A re-plating service is available for your Mojo & the Maker vermeil jewellery, if damage or heavy wear results in it ever requiring re-plating:  please contact us for details and prices.

Hallmarked solid gold jewellery

When required, gently clean hallmarked solid gold jewellery with a proprietary gold-polishing cloth to protect your investment.  Store solid gold jewellery very carefully.

We hope you enjoy your artisan handmade Mojo & the Maker jewellery, and we wish you many years of enjoyment from it.