New one-off and limited edition pieces drop soon! New one-off and limited edition pieces drop soon!
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Gift-wrap upgrade | for a single item of Mojo & the Maker jewellery purchased


Make your gift even more special with our exclusive Mojo & the Maker gift-wrap upgrade!

Good to know:

  • Exclusive artist-designed gift-wrap - designed specially for Mojo & the Maker customers
  • Price is for gift-wrapping a single item of jewellery (not for an order of several pieces).
  • For multiple gift-wrap of several pieces, order this item in the quantity of items you'd like gift-wrapped, eg ordering three items, and want all gift-wrapped, please order 3 x gift-wrap upgrades
  • If ordering more than one piece of jewellery, but ordering fewer gift-wrap upgrades, contact us within 24hr of ordering to let us know which item(s) of jewellery you'd like your gift-wrap upgrade(s) applied to.
  • If you've ordered more items of jewellery than you have gift-wrap upgrades, and we don't hear from you within 24hr with instructions for applying your gift-wrap upgrade, we'll gift-wrap the first item in your order.  If you've ordered two or more gift-wrap upgrades, we'll then gift-wrap the next item in your order, and so on.
  • This item can't be bought without also buying jewellery!